Authentic power - choosing love over fear

I love this quote of Gary Zukav about authenticity: “creating authentic power is developing the ability to distinguish between love and fear within yourself, and then choosing love no matter what is happening inside or outside of you.“

Ever since I decided to leave my steady job and become an entrepreneur in a field close to my heart I have conquered many fears. And still they keep showing up, sometimes daily to remind me what I left behind or to warn me for an unstable future.

It is not easy. Choosing love over fear is a decision that I have to make over and over again. Sometimes it is a daily practice. Watching my thoughts in meditation, befriending them, before I am able to let them go. And then when I am connected, I feel and know deeply that choosing love is worth it all: because it means living a life with propose and meaning. The ultimate happiness.

What if we would all choose love over fear, wherever we go, also in our jobs? Wouldn’t the world be completely different if we all decided to serve? I believe what the world needs is more psychological and spiritual education. Finding richness in ourselves and others instead of material possessions. Being happy with a “relatively” simple life. Isn’t that what we all long for? True happiness lies in the simple things, isn't it?

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