Introduction - Mindfulness challenge at work

Are you often drained by the end of the day? Is your head working over hours and do you find it difficult to recharge when you finally can take a break? Do you feel burned-out and know something needs to change? Then this 5-week mindfulness introduction training might just be what you are looking for. You can join for free! The only investment is 15 minutes per day for the following 5 weeks.

From experience, learning how to be mindful in a corporate environment is an important skill. Most of us, are very good in ignoring our body signals when we are at work, especially in professions where we mainly use our head and that include some work pressure. When we experience stress, our head takes charge and we create a tunnel vision. We miss the experience of the NOW.

Before we even notice it our autopilot takes over that triggers old habits that are not very helpful. Absence at the moment itself gives dissatisfaction, unrest and tension. It is then difficult to keep thinking and feeling clear. The solution might sounds simple, but it requires discipline: building in moments of space throughout the day, to be mindful.

Through body and breath awareness, short meditations and practical exercises we can train ourselves to stay more aware and connected to the present moment. This results in more clarity in our minds and makes us more resilient to stress.

This training is not a full Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction course but can be viewed as an introduction into mindfulness. I hope it will give a positive motivation to manage your stress level and take charge of your vitality.

About Leen Kanis

During the past four years Leen Kanis underwent a magnificent personal and professional transformation, converting the “lessons learnt” from her personal experience with burn-out to the creation of her company INTU YOGA.

Starting her career in business administration, she is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to corporate offices. Her mission is to help you thrive in what you do, become more resilient to stress and coaching you to a more balanced office lifestyle.

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